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Sep 1

I love words. Thus, I also really enjoy this website, which gives definitions of a bunch of old and obscure words from the English language which you can “adopt” in order to save them from extinction. While it may have you wanting to shut off your speakers after a minute or two, it’s a cute site and I love looking through the words on there. My personal favorite so far has been “Murklins” (meaning “in the dark”).

Let me know if you find any particularly awesome ones!

Sep 1

(to see the other OT changes for the new release, check out TR’s compilation at

Seriously George Lucas, what are you doing?? I’ll admit, I’m not one of those people who has opposed any change at all he’s made to the Original Trilogy over the years; some improved things. Some were cool. Some certainly weren’t though, and I’m thinking this one definitely fits into that latter category. Mostly I just don’t understand why he’s still making changes, especially the little things that quite frankly seem like a waste of time. (Blinking Ewoks, I’m looking at you here. Just… why?)

That said, I don’t have a blu-ray player or any intention of buying the blu-ray discs, so I guess I ought to just pretend this never happened.

Games and Trips: In Which I Instantly Solve All Sexist Abuse and Harassment of Women and Girls in Gaming


A woman gamer admits on reddit that she pretended to be male for 6 years after she had some seriously fucking creepy experiences due to her awful crime of gaming while female. “Discussion” ensues. One sympathetic commenter responds

There’s so much I want to ask, but for right now, I’ll just…

Study on the Hindrance of Medieval Armor

It’s a conclusion that may have always seemed logical or likely to most, but it’s cool that the first actual experimental study has been done regarding the effects of wearing body armor in medieval times.